Friday, February 12, 2010

What we do when it snows...

We make doughnuts (and shovel) and drink Manhattans (and shovel) and throw a neighborhood potluck (and look out the window, then shovel) and eat and drink some more...

and don't take any pictures of it.

But we prepared for snow by baking and cooking and eating too.

Rye bread, made during a "I'm going to make bread every week" kick. (This tradition needs a jump start...I'm working on it.).

Chicken pot pie

and beef bourguignon to build stamina for the upcoming blizzard.

During the snow we baked a lasagne and ate leftover sauerkraut, heavenly with some smoked pork chops put away for just this kind of weather.

Our neighbors baked cakes and bread, made soups (lentil, bean and kale) and quiche. We made grocery runs for eggs, potatoes, carrots, cheese (but no butter--the Giant was out) and knocked on doors to borrow booze or spices.

It's a beautiful nuisance, this snow, but it created a sort of surreal timelessness for a few days, a chance to not think about what day it was or what needed to be done. I treasure that.

What did you eat during the blizzard?

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