Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Octopus's Garden

Did you know Wegman's Seafood Department sells fresh octopus?

Me neither...until yesterday when I spied two in the cold case.

I didn't get the details of why or how often the store carries them, but a customer told me he was going to poach his in a little stock with a few herbs and vegetables. No acid, he stressed, and oh,yeah, he would throw in a couple corks.


Yes, corks. He didn't know if this was just tradition or the corks actually served some purpose, but they would simmer along with the octopus until it was tender. Then he would cool the octopus in the stock, refrigerate it, and cut it up for seafood salad. Remarkable.

There was one octopus left in the case. I could have bought it. But we had sauerkraut to finish.

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