Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shopping around

I'm working on a piece about the old Stewart's department stores in Baltimore and have had some fascinating conversations with former employees and nostalgic shoppers. It's hard to imagine a time when a department store sold ladies stockings (not pre-packaged pantyhose) or offered knitting lessons and a gourmet lunchroom or hand-delivered an item to your home if it wasn't available in the store, but Stewart's (and probably many of the other local department stores) did.

My article about Stewart's will be published in the September 2010 issue of Style. Until then, catch up with some other Baltimore department store pieces about the Hecht Co., Hochschild Kohn, and Hutzler's, the other three stores that made up the "Four Corners" at Howard and Lexington.

For another possible project, I'm interested in recipes from any of the department store tearooms or restaurants. Anyone with info or recipes, please email me or leave your email in the comments below. Thanks!

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